Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just become LEGAL

In Response to my collegues article titled " Give the Immigrants a Break!" I have a few opinions of my own. Yes the goverment of this great country can send a man to the moon and could perhaps put a hault to the illegal immigration if everyone of the senate and house was on board. It is hard to devote time and money when you have the few who feel bigger issues deserve time and money. The issue of illegal immigrants then fall to the state and local level.
I agree with the many economic analyst and my fellow classmate that immigrants play a vital role in the economy by taking on many jobs other do not want. However, my issue with immigrants is the fact that they are illegal. There are simple steps that many have taken before them and will after them to become a legal citizen in this great country. My great grandmother and great grandfather immigrated to America through Ellis Island in New York! If they can do it the legal correct way why can't others. They case of the immigrants become legal tax paying citizens will allow employees to follow correct protocols. These legal immigrants will still be willing to work for $5 an hour and do many of the jobs others avoid.
The real issue I have with immigrants is I want them to pay taxes and show loyal support for the country that supports them. I am tired of going to the doctor and having to pay even with great insurance while illegal immigrants receive the same care I do for no charge while the American citizens pay the bill. These illegals take advantage of or school system by expecting free handout and tutoring taking away teachers time from the legal citizens. These children often do not stand during the pledge or national anthem of the great county providing a safe haven for there family.
I think it is time for America to stop educating, providing health care and safety for illegals who just take and do not give back to this country. All I ask is for immigrants to become LEGAL loyal American citizens!

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