Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Presidental Primary

In my fellow classmates blog http://redtexaspolitics.blogspot.com/ the article Primary Derby has a few intresting facts and statements that I agree and disagree with. I do find it disappointing that Texas has a low turn out in the primaires compared to the other swing states. I do not find this alarming because it is the primaries. The votes that matter is the general election. I feel Texans do not care about the primamry unless a specific canidate intrest them from a specifc party.
Texas being a primary Republican state does not affect a canidates decision to visit regarding the primaries. The Democrats and Republicans elections are seperate so Texas tendency to lean on direction does not matter. I feel that it is a smart political decision to focus on the swing states and win their parties nomination first. Since Texas is such a big state a canidate would need to make several stops in many Texas cities to make an impact on state votes. In smaller states canidates can make one or two stops and cover the entire state and swing several votes their direction. It makes sense to me why Texas is not a main stop.Time is valuable to a canidate and one should go were time would be best spent. To make a trip important several days would need to be spent in this large states to see everyone. The people who vote in the primary elections tend to be educated people who research and find out about all the canidates on their own. If a Texan is going to take time out of their day to vote in an primary election a visit from a canidaite is not going to swing their vote. I do however feel a canidate should spend time in Texas before a general election when the voter turn out rate is larger and many people are only informed about the canidates through the media.

Victims of Drunk Driving- signs

A new state program will allow family and friends of victims of drunk drivers to purchase a metal memorial sign that will remain at the crash sight for a year. The signs will be 42 inches high and will have a blue background with white lettering. The signs will say "Please don't drink and drive" and "In memory of....". The sign will also include the vicitm's name and the date of the crash. The signs cost a total of $300 which include the cost of making and putting the signs up. After a year the sign will be offered to the one's who applied for the signs. The program is only for victim's of drunck drivers and it must have occured on a state highway. The signs will be places as close as possinle to the crash site. The first sign will be unvailed next week in Mesquite where a 16 year old girl was killed by a drunk driver. The victim's mother, Julie Blasingame is the one who ask legislature to pass the bill which was approved in May.

These metal signs will be a reminder to everyone who passes one what the impact alchol has on driving. The country has become numb to the wooden crosses that normally line the roads. The quantity and quality of the signs will allow everyone to put a name with the event. This will make more of an impact and hopefully save lifes. If one makes to bad decision to drive after drinking hopefully they will see the sign and pull the vehicle over. These sign is only another way to put out the message that drunk driving not only affect the driver but numerous innocent people.