Thursday, October 4, 2007

Reasoning for vetoing children's health insurance.

President Bush has only vetoed four things while holding office. His most recent bill vetoed would have added 4 million to the children's health insurance. Out of the United States 50 governors 43 urged the passing of the new bill while the seven other governors including Texas's own Rick Perry was not in favor of the bill. The Bipartisan bill addressed the growing number of uninsured children and protected the current insured children.
This bill being vetoed was just an open opportunity for the democratic side to use children to win votes. People claim that Bush, Perry, Cornyn, and McCaul hate children just because a children's insurance plan was denied. The President or an public officials are not children haters just because a 4 million dollar plan was denied. The media fails to mention or state the reasons for the denial. They only claim officials should not be reelected and are looking for any open opportunity to swing more majority in their way.
If one would have taken a look at both sides one could see Bush's side which clearly demonstrates the republican policy of hands off government. Bush wants poor kids to be put first, however, supports private medicine not the government running the health system. The money would have helped children who had to high of an income for Medicaid but did not want to invest in the private systems. This system would have encouraged citizens invested in the private health system to switch to the federal system. This is clearly an act of the democrats to try to have more government control over the citizens.
This bill shows how America is divided on the methods of which the country should be run. It also demonstrates how we are all free to share and express our view s and opinoins which is something we should all be greatful for. for article Bush, Perry, Coryn and McCaul Hate Children

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